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Current Issues with the Forum

Discussion in 'Support' started by FibreFTW, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. FibreFTW

    FibreFTW Moderator Staff Member Premium

    In this topic you will find a list of bugs and technical issues with the forum of which are being investigated and fixed.
    If you are having any technical issues or bugs with the forum please post your issue below and a summary of it and we will add it to the list ASAP.

    As soon as a Bug or technical issue with the site is raised with one of us, it will be added to this list and if applicable we'll add a Time frame for when it's expected it should be up and running again by.
    When the technical issue or bug has been fixed, it will be moved to the fixed heading and the listing will remain there for 7 days

    Current Bugs & Technical issues as of 8th August 2017
    (Last updated 9:33PM 8th of August 2017)

    STATUS: Forum feature currently down: Articles are currently not postable due to current php errors. Fix incoming ASAP.
    Pending Fix or Repair(s)
    Rating articles feature is disabled by the article add-on creator. This will be disabled until we get the get the all clear from them any remaining issues with the article add-on is fixed.
    Not Fixed

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