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Favourite Linux Distro?

Discussion in 'Linux/BSD' started by Zapmaster14, May 3, 2017.

  1. Zapmaster14

    Zapmaster14 Site Founder Staff Member

    As the subject title says, whats your favourite linux disto?

    At the moment my favourite or atleast most used is Ubuntu, I must confess that I like the desktop version more.
  2. cefiar

    cefiar Premium Member Premium

    I've used Debian and Ubuntu extensively, and was one of the people who helped tested Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty) before it first came out.

    Debian is my main (favourite) choice now, but I'll use Ubuntu for certain things.

    Occasionally I'll use CentOS when I need some sort of RedHat based environment, but that's very few and far between.

    That said, I've been using Linux since about 1995 (was SLS or Yggdrasil from memory, but it could have been Slackware) , when you either had to buy an install floppy/CD combo from a distributor or download a huge amount of floppy disk images and then hope you had no floppy disks with read errors when installing. ;)

    From there I used RedHat (way before the RH Enterprise days) from about v3 till about RH v7, then I moved on to Debian (around the Slink/Potato era) and have basically stuck with .deb based systems since. I often fire up another distro to have a look see what the fuss is about (VM's make this so much easier now), but seem to always come back to Debian or Ubuntu.

    Basically, I've used a LOT of distros. ;)
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  3. Ça plane pour moi

    Ça plane pour moi Premium Member Premium

    :(My favourite Linux distro no longer exists!

    It was a live Linux distro called Linux for Gamers. It was huge in 2010; when Linux Users of Victoria put on a massive public free software day at The Vic State Library that year, we handed out loads of Linux Gamers CDs [ or was it DVD?] to families who came and we had a massive demo computer screen where the public could play the games from the disk! The young kids who came loved the games.

    But after a few years driver issues occurred and the disk would not boot up :(
    So it is now an abandoned project on distrowatch. I haven't found any other Linux spin of a live Linux games disk.

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