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Telstra's RouterOS?

Discussion in 'Modems & Routers' started by Zapmaster14, May 3, 2017.

  1. Zapmaster14

    Zapmaster14 Site Founder Staff Member

    Hi guys,

    this is more of a rant then it is a help topic,

    I recently got the tg800 (Telstra Gateway Max 2), the previous router I had that was also Telstra's default router was "ok" it was pretty old but it had its telnet port kept open so I could connect via telnet to define certain advanced routing instructions (static routes etc) that the simplified telstra os isnt supporting.

    When I got this router I wanted to change the DHCP server that the router uses to ensure that all clients get handed a Google DNS IP instead of the default Telstra router.

    Unfortunatly Telstra's router OS only allows one IP address to be inputted to the DNS field which Google DNS would not like.

    I was told by Telstra to fix this I would have to pay for Telstra Platinum after a lot of complaining Telstra agreed to waive the "premium" support fee and their "premium" support admitted they can not fix it.

    The joys of Telstra.

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