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Use of the Reporting Function (Tool)

Discussion in 'Rules & Policies' started by FibreFTW, Jun 1, 2017.

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  1. FibreFTW

    FibreFTW Moderator Staff Member Premium

    8 has a built in function on the board that allows users to report posts to a moderator or staff member on the site that there is an issue with another persons post and it needs looking at.

    To use the reporting tool look for this icon at the bottom of the offending users post, ever post ever made on the board has one so you shouldn't have any issue finding it.
    [​IMG] <-- This is what the reporting button should look like

    Next you click on the report button, this will bring a box up where you can fill out your reason as to why you are reporting the offending users post in the first place.


    Then in the box, fill out the reason as to why you are reporting the post.
    Example: XYZ is bullying users and making mean comments about other members


    Once you are done filling out the post. Click the green box that says "Report post".
    This will send the report to every single staff member on the board and when a staff member is online or available they will look into your reason as to why you are filling out the report and the offending users post that you have reported.

    The reporting function tells us how many reports you have submitted as well as your username but the offending user will not see who reported them.

    The offending user may be informed that a report has been made against them but will not be told who the report has been submitted by. If we catch staff telling the offending user who filled out a report against them we will take action against the staff member.

    Abuse of the reporting tool is taken very seriously. It is only to be used when there are users post breaking rules on the board or when there's a serious & important post that needs attention of the staff team. Abuse of the reporting function may end up with your account suspended the first time for a certain amount of days (subject to how many false reports you have made as well as any other troubles you have caused on the board) if the issue continues further then your account may be permanently banned from the board with no chance of requesting it to ever be unbanned or handed back to you.

    Hopefully this clears up any concerns or questions you have with the reporting tool on

    Please remember If you need to report a post, please use the reporting function, do not private message staff about the post. Also please only send in one report about the post and we will try to get to it as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    FibreFTW & TheNBNForum Staff team.
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