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Windows OS Mockups

Discussion in 'Windows' started by FibreFTW, May 5, 2017.

  1. FibreFTW

    FibreFTW Moderator Staff Member Premium

    In my spare time I happen to have a thing for creating my own version of Windows. Well not an actual usable version of windows but just concept images of it. There's also other people out there too that like to make Mock ups of Operating systems and this is what inspired me to make my own.

    This is one I posted on another Discussion board a long time ago. I lost the PSD file for it but I still have the TIFF / JPEG image for it. This is a remake of a Windows 98 / 95 Desktop.



    Retail Desktop of Windows 98

    Of course mine is missing a few other icons, the text for the clock is wrong and Windows 98 doesn't include the "Prototype Text" at the far bottom right of the desktop but it's a pretty damn fine job of a remake for it.

    When I got bored one time, I decided to make a version that didn't have toolbar theme for the desktop. I called this Build "Windows Clear". As the date suggests this was made all the way back in 2015. For all of my mockups I always set the date and time to when I first started working on them. For example if I started work on the mockup Concept at 4:15 in the afternoon then the desktops clock will be set to 4:15. Same goes for the date too. I have also been working on mockups for Linux operating systems but that's for another topic if you are interested in seeing more from me.
  2. Zapmaster14

    Zapmaster14 Site Founder Staff Member

    Thats very cool! You should submit the ones you make to microsoft, maybe they'll hire you! :p :)

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