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  1. FibreFTW

    FibreFTW Moderator Staff Member Premium

    FibreFTW posted a new article:

    Wollongong Wins Myrepublics Gigatown Competition

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  2. Ça plane pour moi

    Ça plane pour moi Premium Member Premium

    Here's an interesting video. All is not what it seems in "The Gong" [ as a Victorian I never called it The Gong until I by accident saw Psychic TV one night and the psychic was from the Gong lol]

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  3. Zapmaster14

    Zapmaster14 Site Founder Staff Member

    It is interesting to note there, that MyRepublic are actually also offering to upgrade people to FTTP for free within 10 kilometeres of the lucky guy who won the competition.

    Must suck to be in this gigtown and not actually be able to get the Gbps because of FTTN.

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